6 Week Parenting Series

Our 6 Week Parenting Series Introduces and/or supports a parenting practice built on connecting communication and respect. Based on the ECHO Parenting and Education curriculum, our series is rooted in the latest in brain science and child development and grounded in the philosophy of emotional intelligence (EQ). 

We give parents and care givers the tools and strategies to identify and understand our child’s emotions as well as our own emotions, so that we can develop a life long relationship with our children built on love and trust. 

Our classes are a collaborative experience that will cover some of the following topics:

  • Understanding the intention and practice of Emotionally Intelligent Parenting.

  • Developing a practice of self-care.

  • Learning the newest information in brain science and child development. 

  • Reflections on our own childhood experiences and how they affect our parenting today.

  • Understanding empathy, building emotional literacy, and learning a new language of connection communication.

  • Setting appropriate boundaries/limits based on stages of development.


New Classes:

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