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30 Day Yoga Challenge: Living in "Change"

September 8, 2017


First, I want to give myself a round of applause for not letting my impromptu trip to San Luis Obispo over the Labor Day weekend sabotage my challenge. Whoot Whoot!


Second, I want to thank that amazing women with me in the picture, my lovely aunt Hana for supporting my process getting me to class both Sunday and Monday. Not only did she find us space on the floor Monday morning when options were low, she guided me though the class she teaches every Sunday at the Avila Bay Club. A yogi for many years, she brings the same about of energy, humor, and passion to her class as she does to her life. 


I have spent much of my life telling myself what I can't do instead of what I can do. This belief system affected the core of who I was and eventually my mind, body, and spirit become stunted. I have spent the last 20 years actively challenging this belief system and today I find myself 10 days into a 30 day yoga challenge where I not only challenge my body but also my mind.


Creating lasting change is a life long practice that takes more then just an intellectual shift but and emotional shift. The word change itself is an aberration.  When we change our clothes, it is anchored in an end, a completion. When we "change" who we are, we are often deluded into believing there is an end. More than once I have throw my hands up in the air, exclaiming that I am never going to change.


Yoga is giving me the opportunity to work through this philosophy as it has no end, no perfect pose. I fought up against this the other day as my teacher gave us an opportunity for reflection. In yoga, growth comes when we can be in a challenging pose and still find joy and acceptance within it. It is not enough to force or will ourselves though the pose, in this, our body and mind are in resistance.  We all know that being in resistance is exhausting and without joy.  Eventually, our mind and body can take it no longer and we give in, we give up, we will never change...


Today gave me another opportunity to understand how important the mind body connection is. The change is the growth and not the destination. Because of the work I have done over the years, this is where I am, sitting in my imperfectness, challenging myself to move deeper, and accepting and finding joy right where I am. 







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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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